About the Ah-Shu-Ko Chapter

The Ah-Shu-Ko Chapter is the OA chapter for the Western Horizon District and we are part of the Mikanakawa (a.k.a. "Miki") Lodge 101, located in Circle Ten Council.

Ah-Shu-Ko is a Crow word that literally translates into “west side of the lodge” or "a place of honor”.

What it actually refers to is that in most plains Indian cultures, the large tipi that’s used for ceremonies, meetings, gatherings, etc., is referred to as “the Lodge”. As is custom for most plains Indians, the tipi is always setup with the door facing east. Directly across from this entrance (in the west) is the “Place of Honor”. Ah-Shu-Ko refers to this location, the place of honor, the back of the tipi, the west side of “the lodge”.

The Western Horizon District encompasses 3 cities – Coppell, Irving & Grand Prairie. Since our chapter / district makes up most of the west side of Mikanakawa Lodge / Circle Ten Council, this name is perfect in regards to our geographical location.

As it is also the “Place of Honor”, seats in the “west side of the lodge” are often given up by the tribe dignitaries and offered to honored guests. In this way, the “west side of the lodge” is also a place that displays brotherhood to others, and is therefore fitting for a chapter name in the Order of the Arrow.

We have a monthly chapter meeting for all Ah-Shu-Ko Chapter members on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Plymouth Park United Methodist Church (PPUMC) in Irving.

The Chapter Chief, Vice-Chiefs, Chapter Adviser, Associate Advisers & OA Unit Representatives / Advisers should all plan to attend the monthly meetings.  ALL Arrowmen are invited and welcome to attend.

Our meeting is at 7:00 pm. This map will show you how to get to PPUMC

See the Calendar on this web site for links to other events (e.g., Ordeal / Brotherhood weekends, Pow Wow, Fall Fellowship, LEC, etc.); this will require logging in to this website.